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6 Arthritis-Friendly Gift Ideas for Dad

6 Arthritis-Friendly Gift Ideas for Dad

Arthritis-Friendly Gifts to Make Dad's Life Easier

We’ve rounded up gift ideas for Dads with Arthritis that can help relieve pain, make life easier, provide cozy comfort, and help those with arthritis and chronic illness live healthier lives. Here’s to the gift of good health!


Meal Prep Subscription


Everyday tasks like cooking healthy meals can feel impossible during bad arthritis flares yet eating a healthful diet is an important part of managing chronic disease. Eating poorly can quickly turn into a vicious cycle of feeling worse and, in turn, becoming less able to take care of yourself. Help your loved one by giving them a one-month subscription to a healthy meal delivery service. This can remove the burden of researching healthy recipes and going grocery shopping. Some services, like Sunbasket, deliver prepared meals that don’t require any cooking; others deliver ingredients that do need preparation and cooking. Make sure to do your research and pick the right kind of service for your loved one based on their interests and needs.


Targeted massage tools

DIY trigger point massagers may provide more targeted relief by allowing a deeper massage on specific muscles that surround a painful joint. They range in complexity and price, from this simple handheld massage “cane” to a high-tech massage “gun.” These also allow someone with arthritis to massage themselves in places that they may not be able to reach otherwise.


Relaxing Bath Soak

Centered is a bath soak specially formulated to help nourish, soothe, and renew an achy body. Whether you’re a marathoner or a mother, set aside the time to submerge your body and indulge your senses. People with arthritis or those suffering from soreness throughout their bodies often find relief from pain by taking a hot bath with Epsom salts and hemp oil. Take your bath to the next level with a soak designed especially to soothe sore spots. To further relax your muscles and joints, these bath salts include high quality Dead Sea Salt, organic flowers and essential oils.


Reusable Infrared Light Therapy

Heating pads are out and infrared light therapy is now the new wave. 
Unlike a heating pad, infrared light therapy works below the skin’s surface, reaching deep into tissues, stimulating cells and increasing circulation to target pain at the source. They are now offered for specific body parts, like these LED mittens that are perfect for arthritic hands.


Heroic Healing Balm

Hero Antics is the be-all, end-all multi-purpose balm, that we refer to as the “safe topical tylenol”. With rapid absorption, it goes on effortlessly while our nourishing blend of oils smoothes, softens, and melts into skin. It’s safe to use throughout the day and can safely be packed for air travel or thrown in a gym bag. Many of our clients order the balm specifically for arthritis in the hands, knees, joints and feet. A little goes a long way and we even offer it on subscription!



One of the best gifts you can give your dad, if he has arthritis or not, is your time.  Make him a nice dinner, help him in the yard, challenge him to a basketball game, take him fishing, or treat him to a special day on the beach.

Living with arthritis can be challenging, but there are many products available that can ease his symptoms and keep him active. The above are great alternatives to help him manage pain but in true dad style, he will love whatever gift you give him, whether it's new golf clubs or a chat over coffee.