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Morning brew

☕ Wake up & Reset

Today, we encourage you to begin your gratitude journey. The goal is to make gratitude a natural part of your day. With consistent practice, it becomes a habit that shapes a...

👂  Your body is talking...🗣️

👂 Your body is talking...🗣️

Learning to be in tune with your body and aware when it’s communicating with you is so important to living well. When you ignore the symptoms and signs your body...

Your new favorite Ingredient ✨ Blue Tansy

Your new favorite Ingredient ✨ Blue Tansy

Essential Ingredient 101: Blue Tansy     The deep blue hue of our body scrub, The Retreat, immediately draws you in. Its unique ability to reduce sore muscles while leaving skin smooth and...

6 Arthritis-Friendly Gift Ideas for Dad

6 Arthritis-Friendly Gift Ideas for Dad

We’ve rounded up gift ideas for Dads with Arthritis that can help relieve pain, make life easier, provide cozy comfort, and help those with arthritis and chronic illness live healthier lives. 

Sometimes migraines can make you feel like you're floating out in the ocean

Feeling meh from Migraines?

If you deal with migraines, you know how debilitating they can be. The best way to avoid a migraine is to know what triggers them. See below for triggers you...