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Your new favorite Ingredient ✨ Blue Tansy

Your new favorite Ingredient ✨ Blue Tansy

Essential Ingredient 101: Blue Tansy 

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 The deep blue hue of our body scrub, The Retreat, immediately draws you in. Its unique ability to reduce sore muscles while leaving skin smooth and refreshed has made it one of our best-selling products. The essential ingredient that provides both color and results is Blue Tansy Oil. No matter your skin type, everyone can benefit from antioxidant-rich Blue Tansy. 


A Blue Hue

The Blue Tansy flower itself is yellow. The indigo color, as well as the soothing properties of the oil, come from chamazulene. Chamazulene is released during the distillation process, turning the oil a deep blue. In addition to color, chamazulene offers a soothing effect. This is what makes blue tansy oil perfect for skin care, as well as for soothing tired and sore muscles. 
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We created The Retreat with Blue Tansy, combined with other powerful ingredients, to offer an all-in-one soothing experience for your skin, muscles, and mind. 
Without ever having to leave the shower. 
Because of Blue Tansy’s anti-inflammatory properties, it’s a powerful way to soothe irritated skin and reduce redness. In addition, it offers relief to tired and sore muscles. It has the unique ability to restore your skin and help your body recover from inflammation, all at once.


Beyond the physical benefits, blue tansy offers an aromatic experience
Blue Tansy comes from the chamomile family, offering all the same benefits of relaxation and calm. When you inhale the smell of blue tansy, you instantly feel grounded - shifting your mood and offering a moment of calm in your day. 


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Glowing Skin

Blue Tansy’s powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make it a sought after ingredient in skincare products. It works to reduce redness, fight acne, soothe dry skin, and increase moisture. 

Who knew one ingredient could offer so much!

You can find our Tension Reducing Body Scrub, as well as our full line of products containing powerful botanical ingredients, in our shop!