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Feeling meh from Migraines?

Sometimes migraines can make you feel like you're floating out in the ocean

Top Migraine Triggers and How to Reduce Them 

If you deal with migraines, you know how debilitating they can be. The best way to avoid a migraine is to know what triggers them. See below for triggers you may not be aware of and some tips to help reduce them.




Stress is one of the main triggers for those who deal with migraines. While stress can’t always be avoided, finding ways to relax and better manage your stress can help to mitigate or avoid a stress-induced migraine. 

  • Practice yoga, spend a few minutes journaling, or try one of our relaxation candles to help you de-stress. 


Everyone is different and some tolerate certain foods better than others. If you think food may be the cause of your migraines, consider keeping a food journal. Log your meals and make note of any headaches or migraines that follow. When you start to see a pattern, you can identify the foods that may be triggering a migraine. 


Especially for females, hormones can be a common migraine trigger. Many women deal with migraines during specific times of the month or when their hormones are imbalanced. Consider talking to your healthcare provider if you think this may be the case. If you’re able to see a consistent pattern of when your migraines occur, you can schedule extra rest and time off for yourself, hopefully mitigating your pain and discomfort. 


Do you drink plenty of water each day? If not, dehydration may be to blame for your migraines. Ensuring you're drinking plenty of water can help prevent migraines from happening and help reduce an oncoming migraine. 

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